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Care about your classics

Care about the wash

Your Aeres tee doesn’t need to be in water for more than 15 mins so, we recommend a hand wash or a gentle machine cycle. Washing whites with whites and darks with darks will guarantee a longer T-shirt life.

Care about the detergent

Your Aeres tee doesn’t require a great deal of detergent, and bleach is always a big no. Avoid putting detergent directly on your fabric, that tends to leave spots. Dry cleaning this tee is something that it doesn’t need.

Care about the drying process

Hang or flat dry your tee. Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight, that would cause the colour to fade.

Care about grooming

Iron on hot while the tee is still damp. The neck rib is the most delicate part of the tee- iron carefully without stretching it.

Use a lint roller on solid tees so they continue to look new.